App Notification Plan

App Notification Plan


Are there any applications that are customary for everyday use?
This application is a reminder application aimed at using it smoothly by notifying the time you want to use the application you want to use.

Recommended for this person

  • Check the weather with the weather forecast application every morning at 9 o’clock.
  • I log in to the game app every night at 9 o’clock.
  • Posting something to SNS every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Monthly report is sent by mail application on the end of every month.

How to use

  1. Select the application you want to use
  2. Enter the date and time you want to use
    3 Notification will arrive at the date and time set in 2
  3. Tap on the notification banner that you received, the application you set up with 1 will start up


  • Select application, enter memo, set notification date and time
  • Launch application from notification banner
  • View notification history


  • You can launch the application by tapping the notification banner so you do not have to search the application from the home screen every time.
  • Since it can set multiple date and time, it can correspond to irregular intervals.
  • Since you can display a note in a notification, you can use it as a simple reminder application.


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