I tried to make a smartphone application that notifies you when you want to use an application you want to use

App Notification Plan

Now I can do many things with smartphones.
I also use smartphones in various cases in my life.

Case using smartphone in life

  • Check the weather forecast in the morning
  • Confirm RSS and news during the day
  • Reading in the evening
  • Transfer at the end of the month

It’s like this when I list it.
Probably I think that there are a lot of people using it heavily.
This area is very different depending on the life cycle, and how to use the smartphone changes greatly depending on circumstances and environmental changes.

If it was a while ago

  • Check the time of the train / Shinkansen by using an application to change once a week
  • Studying a word using the English word study application in the evening
  • E-mail daily by e-mail on weekdays

I was doing it.

It is convenient but in order to master it

However, there were times when I forgot to forget it.
Besides, there are some applications that seems to be useful, but I have forgotten to install it although I installed it.

From such experiences, can not you forget the application you want to use, and can it be used smoothly? I came to think so.

If you do not just forget it, you can notice that if you register using a calendar application or a reminder application like “18: 00 __ 0 Send an email using an application”, a notification will come.

However, in order to launch the application from there, it is seriously hard to find out from among applications that have over 100 which applications this application was.
Moreover, calendars and reminders like “use the app”, contents like being too small to say “schedule” are filled with the opportunity and the important schedule is buried.
Furthermore, when you want notification with an irregular pattern, you must duplicate the same content, change only the date and time, and so on.

With that kind of thing, there were lots of applications that would satisfy if you cut out some of the features you wanted, but there were no apps that were all satisfied.

Once made

If so, I thought that I should make it myself, I made an application called “App Notification Plan“.

It is an application with both properties of irregular reminder & application launcher.
How to use is surely number of applications that exist in the world * number of people using smartphones I think there is about it.

Example of usage

Usage changes according to the situation of the people using, so here is an example

“People who want to log in to a game with a daily login bonus every day but may forget about it”

I will assume that you are a person.

  1. Make the application you use the target game application
  2. Write “log in” in the memo field
  3. Set to be notified every day at 21:00
  4. When a notification comes up tap the notification banner and start it

It is called usage.

How to use the new smartphone

There are limits to the types of apps you know and how to use smartphones you know.
Sometimes, when I talk to people, I feel that there was such a convenient application and how to use ~.
I would be very happy if you could tell me what kind of app you are using feedback and what time you use it.
I would like to make it possible to reference them from the application as an example of how to use them collectively.
So, knowing new applications and how to use, I think whether you can use smartphones more conveniently by starting up even if there is no familiarity (even by notification) to get used to.
I’d appreciate it if the “application notification plan” could serve you so that you will not forget the “launch application” part.


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